About Bridge Nigeria Primary Schools

Learn more about Bridge Schools in Nigeria

Since Bridge Nigeria opened its first school in 2015, it has been delivering improved learning outcomes for children in low-income communities across Lagos and Osun states.

In its years of operation, Bridge pupils have topped the charts by performing exceptionally during the National Common Entrance Examinations since 2019 when Bridge pupils sat for NCEE for the first time. These and other performance results have earned Bridge pupils scholarships and admissions into some of the top secondary schools in Nigeria.

Together with our teachers, school leaders, families and communities, we operate schools that deliver academic excellence by accelerating learning, building leadership skills and providing a caring environment that supports growth. 

We are a gateway to success!  

Bridge Nigeria is a strong partner in education:

We are committed to helping achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. We believe every child in Nigeria has the right to a high-quality education. We work in partnership with communities, teachers, and parents to deliver quality education for primary and pre-primary children.

Through our life-changing education, we provide Nigerian children and their families the gateway to a better future.

What makes Bridge Nigeria different? 

Our mission is to provide children with a life-changing education that gives them a strong foundation and the gateway to their future success.

Academic excellence that accelerates learning  Skills for success that builds future leaders A caring environment that nurtures growth
We create a culture of achievement by: 

  • Using the Nigerian curriculum to create and deliver world-class lessons 
  • Ensuring that every classroom has beautiful textbooks and modern learning aids 
  • Equipping each classroom with highly trained and motivated teachers supported by a large teaching community. All Bridge teachers go through mandatory, extensive training
  • Providing pupils with more learning time & personalized learning (1-on-1 support) to improve performance
  • Putting technology in every classroom where teachers use it to help improve learning gains
  • Providing pupils with exam prep resources and programs that deliver higher Common Entrance Exam scores
We build the skills for success by: 

  • Using our specially designed character boards to celebrate and reinforce good behaviour 
  • Training teachers to develop strong discipline in all pupils by using positive behavioural techniques that strengthen good behaviour 
  • Offering extracurricular activities such as debates and sports to help pupils build confidence, teamwork skills and independence
  • Teaching pupils to speak in front of the class, so they are confident and disciplined in public speaking 
  • Providing pupils with opportunities to be leaders in their schools and communities
We provide a caring community by: 

  • Staffing our schools with hard-working and committed school leaders and teachers
  • Ensure that our teachers look after your child provide the best care for them and treat them as their own
  • Maintaining secure, well-equipped school grounds
  • Supporting strong parent groups that support the school and each other
  • Offering events and activities that are open to the community 
  • Listening to parents and working always to be available

Parents say Bridge Nigeria is special! 


There is a great improvement in my child’s academics and she is more disciplined with her homework.


Bridge teachers are committed to teaching well, love pupils, and are patient with parents.


My child has really improved since joining – his reading is much better!”