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A UNICEF report noted that 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria and 70 per cent of those in (primary) schools cannot read or perform basic numeracy tasks at 10. There is an urgent need to get these children into school and ensure that they are learning and would attain the required basic literacy and numeracy skills to survive in life.

Most parents who live in Bridge Nigeria communities can afford to educate their children in a low-fee-paying Bridge school. However, there are some parents who struggle due to one reason or the other and need additional support. 

Against this backdrop, Bridge Nigeria supports low-income families by providing life-changing education and collaborating with credible individuals and organizations to increase access to quality education. At Bridge, we believe that a child’s potential should not be limited by their socio-economic status.

Why Sponsor Pupils in Bridge?

How does the Sponsorship work?

What does the sponsorship cover?

A sponsor can choose to sponsor a child in other areas. To find out more about the opportunities available, please get in touch with us via the phone number below;

Quotes from parents whose children are on scholarship.

“With their scholarship up till secondary school, we don’t have to worry about their academic pursuits because our prayers have partly been answered. All we need to do is to save towards their university education and I believe they both will achieve their dreams.” – Mrs. Victoria Stanley whose children Chidera and Prudence are TSF scholarship beneficiaries.


“This is a dream come true for my family. With this scholarship, FEF and Bridge have given my daughter hope and a chance to achieve her dream of becoming a dentist.” – Mrs. Titilayo Oyamendan

Quote from existing sponsors

“We decided to partner with Bridge because their mission of providing quality education to children of low-income families aligns closely with our goal. We intend broadening the partnership with the Bridge and furthering the impact of their work, while ensuring the sustainability of same”- Mr. Seyi Akinwale, Founder – The Special Foundation


“The scholarship is for children to have seamless access to quality education at Bridge. It is during this stage children learn to engage better with others and acquire vital skills that allow them to develop and express their own ideas.” – Mrs Oghogho Osula, – Founder, Osula Foundation

What will you receive from your sponsorship?

Progress updates of the child you sponsor and our work in Bridge Nigeria at the end of every term and academic year.

Special recognition/media mentions as a Bridge sponsor and strategic partner 

100% of sponsorship funds received go towards sponsorship-related costs; pupil’s tuition, uniform or welfare.

Partner with us, call +234 703 177 5213 or click HERE to fill out our sponsorship form or download our guide on sponsorship.