Continuously providing life-changing education  to its school pupils: Bridge Nigeria year in review

Since the opening of its first school in 2015, Bridge Nigeria has continuously transformed the lives of its pupils by delivering academic excellence.


Delivering Exam Success   

With a determined focus on improving outcomes, Bridge Nigeria pupils are continually delivering exam success.

Their National Common Entrance Examination performance is proof that the Bridge method of teaching supports them to do their very best.

The 2021 National Common Entrance Examination results show year-on-year exceptional performance by Bridge Nigeria pupils. School pupils from Bridge Nigeria have scored top marks above the national average.

This is a pointer to the academic excellence in Bridge community schools and further evidence that Bridge Nigeria provides quality education.


 – Parents say Bridge Nigeria is special.


During the “Parent Fest” organised by Bridge, parents of pupils who attended Bridge community schools expressed their appreciation of the quality of education that pupils are receiving from Bridge community schools and commendations were made on how Bridge was making sure that parents were involved in child learning.

Bridge Nigeria pupils have also joined learners from across the world in the “Hour of Code” initiative. This is a global programme championed by It is aimed at enlightening school pupils in the field of computer science. It takes place every year during computer science week and is supported by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, the Infosys Foundation and other global tech giants.

Bridge Nigeria pupils have now imbibed the concept of computational thinking not just as a result of the “Hour of Code” initiative but also through the impactful teachings they have received from their teachers, all of whom receive bespoke training and coaching from the Bridge International Academic teams.

The Bridge Nigeria @Home Learning resource was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that children continued to learn  during school closures. Technology played a significant role in empowering teachers to support pupils  as they navigated remote learning, minimising the negative impact of the pandemic on primary education in Nigeria. 

In September 2021 a Bridge Nigeria 10-year-old  indigent pupil in Lagos got a full scholarship to study in an elite private secondary school, having performed excellently in the SEF scholarship scheme. The scholarship cover’s his full boarding, tuition, books, uniforms and other resources that he would need during his secondary education.

Additionally Bridge Nigeria pupils have recently been offered scholarships by a charity. The scholarship will start in January 2022 and has been offered to 20 pupils.

Bridge Nigeria is continuously making sure that quality education is available and accessible to Nigerian children, regardless of family circumstances whilst making sure that teachers are committed and dedicated to adding value to pupils.