Akorede Zion

Akorede Zion is a pupil at Bridge, Oyewole. He loves his neighbourhood because he says he has lots of friends in the area that he can play with! However, like many people where he lives, he finds the poor roads a big challenge and would like there to be improvements.

At the weekend when Zion isn’t playing, he likes to read his books. He finds reading fun but he also knows that it’ll help to do better at school.

When it comes to his schoolwork, he is very focused. “My favourite subject is maths,” he says. “My teacher, Moses is my friend. He helps me to solve problems and always encourages me.”

Zion is very pleased to have done well in the Lagoon Common Entrance Exam recently, scoring 137. This brings him closer to his dream of becoming a pilot! It’s a big ambition and will require a lot of hard work, but he’s a determined young man. Go follow your dreams, Zion!