Ameerah Aliu

Ameerah Aliu has been at Bridge, Dare Olayiwola since Primary 3. Now she’s 11-years old and in Primary 6. Ameerah joined Bridge because she thought it would, “change my future,” she claims.

Her favourite subject is science. She loves to learn about health and wants to study medicine when she’s older, she explains. Ameerah wants to help people with their health, but she’s also committed to her community. She wants to help the orphans in her neighbourhood get a good education, “so they have a better future too,” she says.

With all the studying and hard work for her future, Ameerah finds her spare time is precious for relaxing. “When I’m not studying I like to sleep,” she smiles.

Clearly Ameerah has found a good balance, because she did extremely well in the national Common Entrance Exam, scoring 152. This means she can go to a State secondary school, and is one step closer to achieving her dream of being a doctor.

Well done, Ameerah.