Atiku Afolashade

Atiku Afolashade is a 12-year-old pupil at Bridge Alhaji Adebowale. She explains how she loves going to her academy and says she likes the extra elements of Bridge that help her learning. Afolashade highlights the ‘supercheer’ as a fun aspect of her day. The ‘supercheer’ is a Bridge method for encouraging hard work, meaning that all the pupils give a special cheer when someone has done really well. They get creative with the cheers, and each class likes to put their own spin on it!

Afolashade also likes going to school because of the opportunity for “thoughtful discussion,” she says, demonstrating a mature attitude that is reflected in her dedication to her school work. Her favourite teacher, Teacher Bunni, is very kind and always on hand to “give her lots of advice,” she explains. Afolashade says her best lesson is maths, because she likes numbers. She wants to put her numerical skills to the test when she’s older and become an accountant because she says, “I’ll be able to use maths a lot.”

Outside of her career, Afolashade also wants to help out her community and city in the future. She says her community is “very kind,” and “helps her with a lot of things,” and so she wants to help them in return. She wants everyone to see how great it is, so she plans to dispose of rubbish in the city. It seems there is an exciting future ahead for Afolashade.