Ayodele Dorcas

Ten-year-old Ayodele Dorcas is a pupil at Bridge, Saibu Okoya in Lagos State. She lives close to her school and loves where she lives because she has lots of friends to play with on the weekends!

Dorcas worked hard at school to get good grades in the Common Entrance Exam earlier this year. She knows that it is very important that she does, because Dorcas has big plans for her future. She wants to be a neurologist!

Dorcas has chosen this career path because her favourite subject is science. She is a very curious person, and wants “to learn about people all over the world.” She also thinks that she would be good at helping people with their problems. Teacher Toyin is a big help to Dorcas in getting her to achieve this dream, by encouraging her love of science and helping her to “understand all my subjects.”

Clearly Teacher Toyin and Dorcas have both done a good job, because Dorcas achieved a great 153 in the National Common Entrance Exam, enabling her to go to a State secondary school.

She wants the world to know that “Lagos is a great country.” She wants to continue to make it great when she grows up, by becoming an amazing neurologist. We have no doubt that you will, Dorcas!