Chioma Godson

Eleven-year-old pupil, Chioma Godson in primary 6 serves as an Ambassador in her class.

Being an ambassador, her responsibilities include guiding pupils and showing new pupils around the school. Chioma teaches other pupils things that they do not understand in the classroom.Chioma says her mother and Ben Carson are her role models.

“My mother teaches me good morals and I would like to be like her to teach people good morals as well. Ben Carson separated the conjoined twins and I would like to be a successful surgeon like him and do news things so that I would be recognised as having a gifted hand.” She said.

Chioma hopes to become a doctor in the future. “I would love to be a doctor because when I see doctors allowing patients to die because they can’t provide money, I want to be the doctor that would treat patients without collecting money from them. I would also love to be a doctor because I want to help people’s lives and make them feel better.”

She noted that Bridge is giving her the right foundation because of how well the teacher teaches by making it very easy to understand.  “They also teach ahead to make us know what we would find in the future.”  She added.