Deborah Alashe

Eleven-year-old Deborah joined Bridge, Alhaji Adebowale in 2016. She loves her school, she says smiling: “Bridge is the best school I’ve gone to.” Her younger sister—Divine—goes to the same school. Deborah’s favourite thing about her school is the opportunity to learn English. She said her teachers speak very good English, and in the lessons they get to hear stories. She’s a keen reader and likes to read stories in her free time too.

She finds school a happy place to be. She says, if she makes a mistake: “Teacher is always kind and explains mistakes to me, and we correct them.” Deborah is keen to continue her studies, and wants to go to university in the future. With all her hard work, we’re sure she’ll get there and be top of her class too.

Good luck, Deborah!