Emmanuel Adeniran

Meet Class 6 Bridge, Saibu Okoya pupil Emmanuel Adeniran. A creative and diligent student, he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Living at home with his parents, Emmanuel has some chores to do, like washing his clothes. When he isn’t doing chores or his homework, he has a passion for drawing and likes to hone his skills. Although Emmanuel likes where he lives because he has lots of friends to play with, he says he would prefer it if they had some nicer places to play in.

When it comes to school, Emmanuel’s favourite subject is quantitative maths—he says that (unlike most of us) he finds it “very simple!” He is also full of praise for his teacher, Teacher Toyin, because if he doesn’t understand a question she’s always happy to explain it for him until he gets it. Emmanuel dreams of being an aeronautical —and it sounds like he would be a natural.

He wants everyone to know that, “Lagos is the best country in the world!” Maybe Emmanuel will one day build a fleet of new planes, so that lots more people will be able to come and visit Lagos! Whatever he does, we’re sure that this determined young man will make something great, and it will be very exciting to watch his progress.