Hauwa Alhaji Bukar

Hauwa Alhaji Bukar is an observant teacher whose challenging upbringing made her the role model she is today! She credits her own experience with enabling her to promptly identify pupils that are struggling to keep up with the pace of lessons; she then goes above and beyond to offer free extra lessons for those that may be falling behind with their workload.

Outside of teaching, Alhaji Bukar often volunteers in hygiene-related programmes, using her influence to encourage parents to enrol their children at schools in their local community.

Being born into a large family of 13 children, Alhaji Bukar was the only member of her family to graduate from university. She was brought up in a ghetto, and would often go to sleep hungry due to having no food. Her family were also forced to move when she was younger after her hometown was declared a “danger zone” by the military.

Her upbringing may have had its challenges, but she’s determined to make education accessible for all children in Borno. She concludes, “all I want to do is keep educating children.”