Idris Jinadu

Meet 12-year-old Idris Jinadu, who has been at Bridge Alhaji Adebowale since Primary 4, alongside his two younger brothers. He joined because he heard the teaching was really good, and that he could, “learn a lot.”

Idris’ favourite subject is science—he’s enjoyed learning about space this year. His passion for science will be important in helping him to land his dream job, which is to be an engineer. “I want to build buildings and fix roads,” he explains.

When he isn’t in class, Idris likes to spend his free time playing football with his friends. His favourite football team is Manchester City.

Since being at Bridge, Idris says he has, “learnt many things.” For Idris, the motivation to learn comes from his love of his country. “Lagos is a great country,” Idris says. “This encourages me to work hard.” With a strong work ethic and a lot of ambition, we’re sure that Idris will go far.