Adesewa Omoruyr

Adesewa Omoruyr has been at Bridge, Oloto Ring Road for the past two years, getting promoted to the position of academy manager just last term. Before starting at Bridge, Adesuwa had 15 years teaching experience, making her the perfect candidate to assume the role of academy manager.

She found Bridge’s methods very different to where she’s worked before. “The curriculum is very well planned and literacy is a big focus,” she explains. However, the main difference she has found is that Bridge instils a level of independence in their pupils, whereas in other schools she’s found, “they rely on the teacher too much,” and are unable to do work by themselves.

Adesuwa had to prove herself to demonstrate she would be capable of being academy manager, and she is proud of her achievement. It requires a different skill set to being a class teacher she’s found, as she says that her main job is to support the teachers at her academy.

She does lesson observations and keeps a close eye on the work that their pupils are producing. She has a good relationship with her teachers and has seen positive results. “Once I give feedback they always work on it and improve,” she says. Adesuwa also ensures that the parents are happy and kept in the loop about everything that’s going on at the school.

“It’s an important job because I am the leader,” Adesuwa explains, “I have to attend to all problems.” Nonetheless, she is eager to convey that she really enjoys the job. “I love being a teacher and this does not stop you teaching,” she says, “I am able to help teachers improve, and make teaching easy for them!”