Bright Hassan

At six-years-old, Bright Hassan joined Bridge, Demeke. Three years later and he is doing extremely well at the school and “learning loads of new things,” he says.

Bright lives in Ikorodu in Lagos State with his parents and two older siblings, who both go to secondary school in Lagos. While Bright’s Dad is a Bridge area manager, his Mum sells food. Bright helps his parents at home by doing chores like sweeping. Bright loves his neighbourhood because he has lots of good friends around to play with. With that being said, he feels there is a need for some better schools where he lives.

Bright has to ride a bike to get to his school everyday. This doesn’t put him off, because Bright is very dedicated to his studies. Bright demonstrates his determined attitude when talking about his favourite subject—he likes Maths he says, because it’s difficult and he enjoys a challenge. Teacher Mayowa is his favourite teacher, Bright explains, because: “he keeps explaining until everyone understands.” Bright’s best friend Franklin is around to learn with when work gets confusing (although they manage to do some playing together too!).

When Bright grows up, he wants to be a football player for Real Madrid, just like his hero Ronaldo used to. However, he’s quick to emphasise the importance of education in everything he does. “Without school and education, you can’t be anything in life,” he muses.