Christie Agulonu

Christie Agulonu has been a teacher at Bridge, Oloto Ring Road for the last two years. She was a teacher previous to starting at Bridge, she explains, but her training with Bridge—which Christie describes as “awesome”—has taken her to the next level. “Before I went to Bridge I was always passionate about teaching,” she says. “Training taught me how to express myself, and made me a really great teacher.”

Christie goes on to explain how the way she teaches has changed, particularly the way she relates to her pupils. Her current pupils are very young, so she takes special care to focus on the positives and give out lots of praise. “Once you praise one child for being good, the other children always follow their example,” she says. Christie says the key to good lessons is finding the balance between mixing it up and keeping some routine. This ensures her pupils always get the work, she says.

She’s certainly one teacher who is going to continue to work hard for her pupils. “I love my job.” Christie says passionately. “My pupils are learning and their parents are happy. When I’m teaching them I feel that they are my children too.”