Elizabeth Solawon

Elizabeth Solawon has been at Bridge, Demeke in Lagos State for three years now. Her academy was recommended by friends who told her that Bridge was a ‘wonderful school.’ She settled in quickly, making lots of friends.

I often help my mum, by using my maths at home

Her favourite subject is maths because it can be used in real life. It’s Elizabeth’s favourite thing she’s learnt since joining Bridge; she says her maths teacher Omolara is her favourite teacher.

Hopefully, her maths skills will help her to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. “I want to treat sick and injured people,” she explains.

Elizabeth has already shown herself to be a kind and caring person, through the responsibilities she takes on both at school and at home. She is Head Girl at school, which involves setting an example to fellow students and keeping standards high. At home, she helps her younger brother—also at Bridge—to do his homework. What a great big sister!

She’s firmly in agreement with the friends who recommended Bridge, echoing their sentiment that Bridge is a ‘wonderful school.’ Elizabeth so passionate about it in fact, that she thinks it should be “taken to all countries in the world!”