Emmanuella Ogagun

Meet 11-year-old Emmanuella Ogagun, who started at Bridge, Demeke three years ago because her previous school was too expensive. Emmanuella loves going to school she says, because she gets to learn new things and “it’s fun.”

Emmanuella lives in Igbogbo with her family. Her dad’s an engineer while mum’s an administrator at a local church. Eldest sister Oluwatosin is currently attending the University of Lagos, and youngest sister Rejoice is at Bridge with Emmanuella.

She likes her neighbourhood because it’s quiet and people are friendly, but Emmanuella has a couple of ideas about how it should to be improved. She feels further development is needed; bad roads have to be repaired and there needs to be an uninterrupted power supply.

Emmanuella applies this same dedicated and insightful attitude to her school work. Class teacher Adefisayo is a source of inspiration; she encourages Emmanuella to study hard and she finds her lessons very interesting. Best friend Funmilayo Banjo is also always available as study buddy and playmate!

Emmanuella’s favourite subjects are maths and English, which she finds enjoyable, as well as important for what she wants to do in the future. She wants to be a lawyer, so she can “bring justice to Nigeria,” but also do some teaching, because she loves to teach.

Emmanuella confidently announces that Bridge has made a “great difference” to her life, having helped her to “learn more and study hard.” She also commends the “international” ethos of the academy. When asked what she would tell people around the world about Bridge, she answers that it is a “great school” that has taught her “great things.”