Funmilayo Banjo

“It’s fun to learn” says 11-year-old Funmi, “Bridge has really helped me and improved my studies.”

She is the middle child of three; her younger brother also goes to her school. They live with their parents in a town just a short distance outside of Ikorodu in Lagos. Funmi’s Dad is an accountant, and her mum has a food stall. She says they live in a quiet, peaceful place with friendly neighbours, although she hopes they’ll build some more houses one day.

A ten minute bike ride lands Funmi at her academy. She has to be on time because she’s a Class Prefect (she needs to lead by example!) Funmi helps to keep the class clean and does little jobs for her teachers—something she really enjoys. During break time, Funmi plays or reads with her friend Emmanuella.

Funmi’s favourite subject is maths, because she says:

“I learn lots of interesting things.”

She hopes to put the reasoning skills that she learns to good use in the future, as a lawyer. Good maths grades will be important for her to achieve this, she explains.

With her enthusiasm and dedication to learning, there’s no doubt that Funmi has great success ahead of her. Bridge is lucky to have her as a pupil!