Jeremy Ndikanwu

Eight-year-old Jeremy is in Primary 4 at Bridge, Ibrahim Iyiola in Lagos State. He’s one of Bridge’s brightest stars and the top performer in his class! This is something he’s very proud of, saying with a smile: “I have worked very hard towards this big achievement!”

Jeremy has big ambitions for the future, he says: “When I finish school I dream to be a lawyer. I want to make Nigeria a better place for everybody to live.” It helps then that his best subject is English: “I love learning new stories and how to express myself in a better way,” he adds.

When he’s not studying to keep his position at the top of his class he’s pursuing his other passion—debate club. He says: “I make sure I go to debate club every single week so that I can become the best, then when I am a lawyer I will win all my cases!”

Jeremy loves going to school everyday, where he sees all his friends and teachers. He says: “My teachers make sure I understand everything that’s how I get such high marks. Also we are one of the best behaving school around.” Since he has joined Bridge; Jeremy has become more confident and now knows he’s got the skills to make a better future for himself and his community. Go Jeremy!