Morufa Adeyinka

Morufa Adeyinka is a Bridge Nigeria parent who lives in Igbogbo, Ikorodu in Lagos State; she is self-employed and travels for over an hour to take her children to school. Her three children (from left-to-right): Abubakry, Anifat and Mohammad study at Bridge, Demeke.

One of the changes that parents often see in children who attend Bridge led or supported schools is an increase in confidence. It’s not something that they would necessarily expect but Morufa says that her children ‘are bold, they can [now] express themselves anywhere they find themselves’. Making children feel empowered is an important step in helping them realise that they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard and – importantly – that they have chances in life.

“Since my children started at Bridge the difference has been so great. They’re so busy now, always doing something. This morning, they were reciting the school anthem all the way to school! It marvels me a lot. The younger one [Anifat] loves poems and writing. It’s been a great journey so far. I love to see them dress so smart. When I wake them up for school, they’re ready to go.”

I’m so happy I chose Bridge. My children now dress neatly, and work neatly. The transformation has been total.

After joining Bridge a few years ago, all Morufa’s children began to do well, something she attributes to Bridge’s style of teaching and the resources available. She adds: “I joined Bridge because of the books.”

Morufa regularly reads through her children’s books at home and confesses to a pride in their work — it’s always neat, well organised and logical. She says: “If they see any workings they go back to the basics and use them to sort out. For Abubakry, when he reads and tries to pronounce big words, he will consult the dictionary, that marvels me a lot! He can consult the dictionary himself without assisting him.”

Morufa adds: “I was recently looking through Mohammad’s Social Studies book, and I saw they were taught about different cultures. There was an exercise he had done which asked him to write a letter to a friend about his tribe; by doing all of this, it helps him understand other people and makes him understand the topics very well.”

She muses: “I’m so happy I chose Bridge. My children now dress neatly, and work neatly. The transformation has been total.”