Mrs Chidinma Godwin

Meet Mrs Chidinma Godwin, a proud parent of one child at Bridge, Demeke. Chidinma’s child, Enwere Godwin is five-years-old and currently studying in Kindergarten.

Chidinma registered her child with Bridge when Enwere was in Nursery 1, and she hasn’t looked back. She says, “Bridge has conducive classrooms for learning. I know I’ve made the right choice.”

It takes Chidinma and her child 15 minutes to reach school every day. Before Bridge, Enwere couldn’t even write. Now, Enwere is completely fluent in reading and writing English.

One of the biggest improvements that Chidinma has seen is the way that Enwere uses numbers in lessons. She can also tell that her child is more sociable, and has made many friends.