Ms Enitan Ewas-Agbine

Meet Ms Enitan Ewas-Agbine, who heard about Bridge in 2016 and enrolled her children in Bridge Demeke that same year. Her seven-year-old daughter, Mercy joined in N2 and is now in P1 while her nine years old daughter, Victoria joined in P2 and is now in P4.

With about 15-years of teaching experience, Enitan joined Bridge in 2016 as a Nursery 1 teacher but decided after three-years with Bridge to try new things and pursue other areas of interest. She is now into farming and rears snails.

According to Enitan, she enjoyed every single moment spent in the classroom at Bridge. She further stressed that, “Bridge is the best place to teach and train a child in academics, character and for all-round development. I love Bridge.” She adds, “With Bridge, my children will always want to read and do better. They always want to contribute in class and know more.”