Secondary Schools

Bridge is a gateway to success, delivering strong results for Nigerian children and families and opening the door to a successful future for our pupils.

Through academic excellence that accelerates learning and skills for success that builds future leaders at Bridge, our graduates are now attending some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, giving them a pathway to a brighter future.


Federal Unity Schools

There are 104 Federal government colleges in Nigeria and gaining admission into the top federal government colleges such as Kings and Queens college is highly competitive. A fundamental criteria for gaining admission on merit into any of these prestigious federal schools is the performance of pupils in the National Common Entrance Examination.

Bridge Nigeria graduates have performed so well in the common entrance exam that they have earned a place on merit at King’s College. Many prominent and illustrious men like Ministers, Governors, Vice Presidents have passed through the school.
The best performing female pupil at Bridge in 2020, Anuoluwapelumi Dawudu who scored 186 over 200, gained admission into Queen College on merit.
Other federal government colleges being attended by Bridge graduates include Federal government college Enugu by Vanessa Etufusi, Federal government college Sagamu by Fatima Babatunde and Federal government college by Joseph Chima and Michael Adepoju etc.

Private Secondary Schools

The accelerated learning at Bridge prepares Bridge graduates who decide to continue their studies in private secondary schools, like Aremu Ezekiel in Babcock secondary school, Lukman-Bello Asiyah in OAU secondary school or Shiji Sowemimo in Mot Ville secondary school.

Franklin Adedeji was the best graduating pupil in 2019 at Bridge Nigeria, having scored an amazing 182 marks out of 200 in the National Common Entrance Examination. As a result of his fantastic score, he got a chance to compete against other pupils from across the country for the NNPC/SNEPCo National Cradle-to-Career Scholarship which he won a scholarship to attend Lead-Forte Gate College, a top independent secondary school established with a vision to produce world class leaders.

Like many other private schools across the country where our graduates are now attending, Franklin is able to attend this top school because of his incredible score in the common entrance exams.