Undeniable Reasons to Love Bridge Nigeria Open Day: Parents Engagement And Participation In Their Children\’s Education Development.

The Bridge Nigeria Open Day is one of the most important activities in the school calendar and is always held twice every school term. The need and importance of parents’ engagement in their children’s education can  not be overemphasised and is always one of the key focal points of the event.  As well as engaging with parents, Bridge teachers also take the opportunity to listen to questions, give parents answers and build a relationship with them – all for the benefit of their child.

The Bridge Nigeria Open Day is usually held as a “Parents Teachers Conference”. It is held in a classroom with both parents and teachers from all classes in attendance. Pupils are also allowed to attend, but it is not compulsory.  

During the Conference, parents meet with teachers to review their children’s exam scores and academic performance for the term. By doing so, parents are able to see and understand how their children are performing in the classrooms and they can also learn how to support their children with their academic performance.

The report book for each child is properly filled out by the teacher and used as a guide in discussing the performance of the child and developmental skills of the pupil.  Parents are advised to demonstrate one task that they would like to do with their child at home to help support their Academic improvement.

Feedback from parents about Open Days is very strongly positive.  They clearly relish the opportunity to learn more about how their children are learning, understand more about what they are learning and also how they can support them at home. Bridge Nigeria is committed to involving and informing parents, knowing that to do so help builds success for their children. 


“I can see great changes in my child.”

“I believe in parent involvement in their child’s education.”

“The elder sister who graduated from Primary 6 last session is doing tremendously well in her school, she is also the class captain of the class.”

They were given a JSS2 placement test before placing them in the class. She is also the class captain of the class.

(Left) Parent, Mrs Alamudun and P5 teacher, Elizabeth Ijekhuemen