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During the COVID-19 pandemic children could no longer go to school. To help, we developed the Bridge@home programme to ensure that children could continue to learn and grow. Using some of these materials every day will keep children on the path to success and make sure that their learning is disrupted as little as possible.

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Learning Guides

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Self Study Activity Packs

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Digital Storybooks

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Mobile Interactive Quizzes

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1. Access learning guides, self study activity packs etc.

Click any of the boxes to access Learning Guides, Self Study Activity Packs, Digital Story Books and Mobile Interactive Quizzes.

2. Find your child's grade

Click on the box that shows your child’s grade.

3. Follow the learning guide for parents

To make it easier for you to work with your child, we have made learning guides for each day. The learning guides have all of the information you need for your child’s daily learning.

4. Have your child complete the activity sheet

Open the self study activity pack for your child and let them complete the tasks. Each day has an activity worksheet.

5. Have your child complete the reading assignment

Continue building your child’s vocabulary and reading skills following the reading assignment instructions in the learning guide.

6. Have your child read a Digital Story Book

We have made the storybooks easily available to help improve your child’s vocabulary skills. The library will grow each week so you will always have new things to read.

7. Have your child take the Mobile Interactive Quiz

There are many quizzes in core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies and English. The quizzes only take a few minutes. They are challenging and fun! Many parents are already using them to test their children’s progress.

Additional learning resources

For additional resources to help your child continue learning from home please click here
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