Learning guides for Bridge Nigeria pupils

Learning Guides are parent-friendly learning guides designed to be able to be used by a member of the household with a pupil. Learning guides are short lessons that can be easily led by an older member of the household, along with targeted practise and answer keys.

We are currently creating even more learning guides to help your child study @home. While new guides are created please continue to use those available in the archive and check back for updates. 


Each day with your child:

1) Click on your child’s class below.

2) Follow the day’s learning guide with your child and help them complete the learning activities for each subject.

3) For reading practice, click here to access our storybook library and start exploring the books available. The library will grow each week so there will always be new things to read!

4) Then, ask your child to complete the homework assignment. Use the answer key at the end of the guide to review their answers and provide feedback.

Together, we can keep children learning and on the path to success!


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Nursery 1

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Nursery 2

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Primary 1

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Primary 2

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Primary 3

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Primary 4

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Primary 5

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Primary 6

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