Bridge Drives Parents Involvement in Child Learning

Parents have commended Bridge Nigeria for creating platforms that ensure their active involvement and participation in their children’s development and academic success.

The commendation was made by Bridge parents during the Parent Fest event, organised in Lagos to ensure that parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning and for parents to articulate the responsibilities they will uphold in their child’s education. Unlike typical PTA meetings, the Parent Fest gives new and returning parents an opportunity to learn how to help extend teaching outside the classroom, view their childrens’ academic work and the additional resources available for learning and garner insight on the typical ‘Day in the Life of a Bridge Pupil’ in the classroom.

According to a parent, Mr Sunday Okoduwa who has 3 children in primary one, three and six noted that the parent fest is enlightening and unique as it gives parents an opportunity to experience firsthand how the teachers teach the pupils in the classroom.

“We got to know the technicality of teaching and learning. I learnt how teachers track and monitor the progress of their pupils and how they get the attention of children using cheers and energizers.” Okoduwa said.

Another parent, Mrs Ibilola Agbojo said the parent fest is an indication that Bridge cares. She noted that by creating more avenues for parents to meet with the teachers and academy managers, parents have more clarity about their role in their children’s success.

“The parent fest initiative is highly commendable and I hope it can be sustained. Agbojo stated.

Bridge believes that parent involvement improves attendance and helps children feel more motivated in the classes. The more parents are involved in their children’s education, the better the children’s class motivation, behaviour, and grades become.

Speaking on the academic progress of her son, Mrs Olufunke Akanni, a parent at one of the Bridge International Academies in Abule Egba said she is happy about the progress her son is making at his school. According to Akanni, it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s education. “The continuous feedback and updates I receive from my son’s teacher helps me keep track of his progress and help work on the areas for improvement.”

As part of activities at the event, parents signed a pledge form to indicate their interest and readiness in becoming a partner in their child’s education and giving them the support they need to become successful and confident future leaders in Nigeria.