Bridge Nigeria Pupils Achieve Common Entrance Top Performance Five Years in a Row

In the 2023 National Common Entrance Examination, Bridge pupils demonstrated remarkable improvement in their performance compared to the previous year. This analysis delves into the various factors that contributed to this success, considering key metrics such as average scores, gender distribution among top scorers, subject-specific achievements, and the consistency of results in subjects like Mathematics and English.


One of the most prominent indicators of Bridge pupils’ enhanced performance lies in the comparison of average scores. In 2023, the average score surged to 137, marking a notable increase from the previous year’s average of 133. 

Speaking on the improvement in the average score, Ezinne Tochie-Asogwa, Manager, Academics noted: “This four-point advancement signifies a collective elevation of academic prowess among Bridge pupils, reflecting their dedication, preparedness, and focused efforts. Starting from Primary 5, we provide common entrance preparation materials and examinations to our pupils which helps us track their performances and provide personalised support to every child. For us at Bridge, we strive to ensure a year-on-year growth and improvement in pupil’s performance”.


The Bridge pupils’ success story extends beyond gender boundaries, with both male and female pupils securing the top three positions. This gender-parity achievement underscores our commitment to nurturing talent irrespective of gender, fostering an atmosphere where all pupils have equal opportunities to excel academically. An independent study in 2018 from the Department for International Development (DFID) in Nigeria showed equity of learning at Bridge Community Schools in Nigeria as girls have equal learning opportunities as boys.


Foyinsola Akinjayeju, the Managing Director, of Bridge Nigeria said: “The improved performance of Bridge pupils in the 2023 National Common Entrance Examination can be attributed to a combination of factors. Our commitment to holistic education, inclusive learning environments and gender parity. In addition, our well-rounded curriculum which emphasizes core subjects like Mathematics and English played a pivotal role. As Bridge pupils continue to demonstrate exceptional results, it underscores our dedication to nurturing well-rounded, capable, and confident individuals who are well-equipped to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond.”


Notably, the 2023 results mirror those of the preceding year in terms of subject-specific achievements. Pupils excelled in subjects like Mathematics and English, displaying consistency in their performance. This consistency points towards a systematic and effective teaching approach that spans multiple academic years. Bridge’s focus on these foundational subjects indicates a well-structured curriculum that ensures pupils have a strong grasp of core concepts, contributing to their overall success. 

A report by the Education Data, Research, and Evaluation In Nigeria (EDOREN) showed that in literacy, pupils at Bridge schools have better performance than students at other private schools (by 0.35 standard deviations) and public schools (by 1.38 standard deviations). The report also revealed that in mathematics, students at Bridge schools have similar performance to students at other private schools and better performance than students at public schools (by 0.86 standard deviations).

Bridge Community School pupils have consistently delivered high scores at the National Common Entrance Examinations for five consecutive years, surpassing the national and state cut-off marks into federal unity schools. These results have also earned some of these Bridge pupils scholarship placements in top-secondary schools in Nigeria.

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