Bridge Academies and The Special Foundation Run Education Summer School

Bridge International Academies, a leading network of community schools, joined hands with The Special Foundation to host an engaging and educational summer school program for children during the holiday season. The initiative aimed to support out-of-school children and those from the local communities by offering a unique blend of academic learning and vocational skills training.

The free summer school took place at two Bridge Schools, Obadeyi Academy in Lagos and Bamgbola Academy in Osun State. The program was strategically designed to bridge the gap in learning opportunities during the summer holidays and empower children with a range of academic and practical skills that would not only contribute to their personal growth but also enhance their community involvement.

Our mission at Bridge – to provide millions of children with life-changing education, drives what we do, so that children have the platform and the support to break out of generational limitations, and are set on a pathway to a brighter and more prosperous future, beyond what their parents achieved,” said Foyinsola Akinjayeju, the Managing Director of Bridge International Academies in Nigeria.

We are excited to have partnered with The Special Foundation to provide this enriching summer school program because education is a powerful tool for transformation. By offering a comprehensive learning experience that includes both academic subjects and practical skills, we are contributing to the growth of these children as well-rounded individuals,” she added.

Children participating in the summer school had the chance to engage in diverse activities, including academic lessons and hands-on vocational training. The curriculum covered essential subjects, ensuring that participants could sharpen their academic abilities and stimulate their intellectual curiosity. Moreover, the program went beyond traditional education by offering vocational skills training in tie and dye, baking, cosmetology, bead making, music, and various other creative areas. This approach aimed to equip the children with practical skills that could potentially lead to future economic opportunities.

Speaking on behalf of The Special Foundation, Ayobamidele Shodipe, the Foundation Manager noted that the special summer school is a one-month, tuition-free program aimed at providing children access to continued learning and comprehensive capacity development, particularly for out-of-school children. 

Ayobamidele mentioned:

This year, we have expanded our reach to six centres, one of which includes the Bridge International Academies in Lagos and Osogbo. At The Special Foundation, our core belief is that every child should have unfettered access to education. Hence, the summer school program is completely free; we want to ensure that every child can seize the opportunity to learn, have fun, and learn a basic skill necessary for them to become future leaders.

The collaborative effort between Bridge International Academies and The Special Foundation underscored a commitment to addressing educational disparities and nurturing the holistic development of children, particularly those who are out of school or lack access to quality educational resources. By combining academic learning with vocational training, the program empowered children with knowledge and instilled in them a sense of creativity, self-expression, and entrepreneurship.

The success of the summer school initiative was evident in the enthusiastic participation of children, the positive feedback from parents and guardians, and the tangible improvement in the children’s skills over the duration of the program. The collaboration between Bridge International Academies and The Special Foundation serves as a shining example of how partnerships between organisations and schools can make a meaningful impact on education and skill development in underserved communities.

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